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Accredited Investors qualify for set aside account debit card

To become a Member, a prospective investor should: (1) complete and execute a copy of the subscription agreement and investor questionnaire inserting the amount of the capital contribution agreed to be made, the prospective Member’s personal information and taxpayer identification or social security number; (2) provide copies of documents confirming the investors identification, such as a passport or drivers license; and (3) return all such executed copies to the Manager.

Unless waived by the Manager, all capital contributions must be made by delivering a regular or cashier's check payable to the Company or by wiring cash to the Company's bank account in the name of the Company which must be received at least three business days prior to the admission date. Copies of the subscription agreement and investor questionnaire are contained in the materials accompanying this Memorandum.

In order to comply with United States and international laws aimed at the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing, each prospective Member that is an individual will be required to represent in the subscription agreement that, among other things, he is not, nor is any person or entity controlling, controlled by or under common control with the prospective Member, a “Prohibited Person” as defined in the subscription agreement (generally, a person involved in money laundering or terrorist activities, including those persons or entities that are included on any relevant lists maintained by the U.S. Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control, any senior foreign political figures, their immediate family members and close associates, and any foreign shell bank). Further, each prospective Member which is an entity will be required to represent in the subscription agreement that, among other things, (i) it has carried out thorough due diligence to establish the identities of its beneficial owners, (ii) it reasonably believes that no beneficial owner is a “Prohibited Person”, (iii) it holds the evidence of such identities and status and will maintain such information for at least five years from the date of its complete withdrawal from the Company, and (iv) it will make available such information and any additional information that the Company may require upon request that is required under applicable regulations.

The Manager reserves the right to request such further information as it considers necessary to verify the identity of a prospective Member. In the event of delay or failure by the prospective Member to produce any information required for verification purposes, the Manager may refuse to accept a capital contribution until proper information has been provided and any funds received will be returned without interest to the account from which the moneys were originally debited.

The Manager will notify each new Member of the date by which, and address to which, he/she will be required to transmit the amount of his/her capital contribution agreed to be made under the Subscription Agreement. Shortly thereafter, the Manager will return to each Member his/her copy of the subscription agreement and investor questionnaire (as executed by the Manager). The Manager may pay fees to persons (whether or not affiliated with the Manager) who are instrumental in the sale of interests in the Company. Any such fees will in no event be payable by or chargeable to the Company or any Member or prospective Member.

In making an investment decision, prospective Members must rely on their own examination of the Company and the terms of this offering, including the merits and significant risks involved. Each prospective Member should consult the Member’s own counsel, accountant and other professional advisor as to investment, legal, tax and other related matters concerning the Member’s proposed investment.

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