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Question 1

Q. Are Hedge Funds required to be registered with the SEC?

A. No, Contrary to popular opinion, hedge funds are not required to be registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. However, many hedge funds register with idependent regulatory agencies to better serve their clients

Question 2

O. Are Hedge Funds allowed to advertise?

A. Yes. Thanks to the J.O.B.S. act signed into law by President Barack Obama, hedge funds can now advertise their funds breaking a 70 year Ban on hedge fund advertising.

Question 3

O. Are Hedge Funds liquid assets?

A. Yes, many hedge funds use side accounts to allow liquidity and easy access for clients (normaly 2%), while the bulk of the funds are working in the lock period. Lock period are normally 2-3 years depending on the Subscription agreement. This is done to prevent clients from damaging the overall fund that may be in a long term investment strategy with hastly withdrawals. This is also a form of protection for clients. After lock period funds are 100% liquid.