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Don't have a debit card yet?

Accredited Investors qualify for set aside account debit card

With banking facilities in different regions in partnership with our international partners, access to funds is simple. Deposits and withdrawals are also simple.

  • We provide a 2% set aside funds directly from profits.
  • Debit cards are available for easy access to set aside funding.
  • Deposits are easily made to domestic banking facilities.

Upon client request we will set aside a 2% set aside so that clients can have easy access to their funds. The set aside deposits are made quarterly. The quarterly deposit amounts  are based on the settled balance on the last day of the quarter.

Some clients wish easy access to funds. To facilitate this need we provide debit cards to easily access the 2% set aside funds.

Deposits and withdrawals are easily made via wire transfer. Small deposits under $10k can be made via debit card. While credit cards are accepted, we do not encourage the use of outside bank credit.


  1. You shoulr be aware that your bank reports any credit card transaction above $10,000.
  2. Our security or compliance office may contact you if a deposit is made via credit card to ensure the deposit was initiated with your consent.

Please wire transfer all deposits over $10k. Contact our banking department for U.S. domestic and/or international banking instructions.

Debit cards deposits are allowed under $10,000. 

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