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Don't have a debit card yet?

Accredited Investors qualify for set aside account debit card

Retirement Hedge Fund Accounts (RHF): a RFH is a hedge fund account funded by ADFP Loan with monthly contributions made by the client.

Purpose: The RHF allows clients to open an actively traded hedge fund account for the purpose of retirement.

How it works?

  • Loan: You determine the loan amount base on your future retirement needs.
  • Term: The term can be up to 30 years
  • Contribution: Your monthly contribution depends on your loan amount and term.

Benefit: You have an actively traded Hedge Fund Account now that can be used for retirement.
Example: Goal $1 million at retirement $100,000 Loan at a 30 Year term, Monthly contribution $471.10 or bimonthly contribution of $235.55.

Why only $100,000 loan? Your broker has 30 years to build the loan amount to meet your goal. Your only responsibility is to pay off the initial loan to access retirement funds.

Over the past 5 years our brokers have averaged over 40% annual account growth. Thus you may calculate the annual growth in making your initial loan request.                                                                          

Current interest rates are a fixed 3.89% and expected to rise at the FED rate increase.

Get started today.

Starting the process is a simple 5 minute application. Your account can be funded within 3 business days.

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