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Don't have a debit card yet?

Accredited Investors qualify for set aside account debit card

The ADFP is a financial program that allows you to take out a loan without matching funds to open a Hedge Fund account. The loan is secured by your account and you receive the benefits of a hedge fund account. Your broker is assigned, trades your account and you begin earning what was previously only available to accredited investors.

Facts and FAQ:

1.        Who may apply? The process is open to all legally aged persons.

2.        Are there restrictions? There is a minimum loan amount of $25,000 and maximum loan amount of $10 million.

3.        When does trading begin on my account? Once your account is funded and your broker assigned, trading will begin within 3 business days.

4.        Will my account be eligible for the additional Margin Loan? Yes, all approved loans are eligible for 100% Margin your account.

5.        How are payments made? Loan payments are made monthly.

6.        Can I withdraw funds? Yes, you may withdraw any amount provided your loan is paid in full. Withdrawal of funds prior to full payment of loan can result in cancellation of hedge fund account.

7.        Is interest paid? Yes, the interest on your loan is 3.89% compounded annually.

8.        What is my loan secured by? Your loan is secured by the hedgefund account profits.

9.        Is my account guaranteed by the FDIC? No. Hedge fund accounts are not FDIC insured. Clients are protected by IFRA.

10.     What is the risk to NYSOHEDGE? Our brokers have average over 47.8% in returns for the past 6 years. If your payments are not made, your account is held as security for repayment. Thus our risk is hedged.

11.     Who funds NYSOHEDGE banking Loans? Our loans are independently funded by our accredited investors via a separate fund called 'ADFP Money Market Bond'

12.     Is my account a full hedgefund account? All accounts over $1 million receive a dedicated broker and is a full hedge fund account. Accounts under that amount receive a shared broker.

13.     Can I choose my broker? You may send a request to Mr. Goldberg to inquire about brokers.

14.     How do I communicate with my broker? Secured encrypted email.  For liability reasons, our policy requires all inquiries to be made in writing.

How long will my application process take? We will work to process your application within 3 business days.

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