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Planning and paying for college begins long before they enter grade 1. Investing in the future begins today with our College Savings Hedge Fund program. Setting up your child's college fund today saves you and your child the headache of student loans.

  • Fixed rates
  • Three fund options
  • No origination fees

Our college savers program allows you to open a hedge fund account today and redeem profits when your child is ready for college.

With college tuition rising faster than inflation, Hedge funds are the best investment to help your education's financial portfolio keep pace long-term.

As your child nears college age, the downside risk of Hedge funds becomes more significant and bonds and cash should begin to play an increasingly significant role when Junior hits high school.

Keep your investments simple, and stick to Hedge funds that have solid three- to five-year track records and low expenses and fees. We defer all fees until redeemtion. 

While most planners recommend that you base your asset allocation on your child's age. If your child is eight or younger, you can keep 60 to 95% of your money in the fund. You can also choose a balanced fund, which holds a prescribed ratio, usually 60-40, of aggressitve to non-aggressive assets. Or you can choose your own mix of funds and ask us to invest proportionately. 

When your child is between ages 9 and 13, your portfolio should get more conservative, not by moving money out of your earlier investments but directing more of your new contributions to less aggressive funds.

When your child turns 14, start to shelter the returns you've earned so far. We can set up a set aside account that will allow you access to certain portions of the funds at your direction. You can do this by moving your equity assets into the funds money market and short-term funds over the next four years, so that by the time your child enters college, you are out of equities entirely and can cash out quickly.

If the hedge fund portion of your savings has exceeded $100,000, you may consider purchasing government short-term Treasury notes directly from the U.S. Treasury, to save on paying any management fees at the end of the term.

We help guide you through every step of the process and you get to view your child's fund in daily settlements.

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