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Don't have a debit card yet?

Accredited Investors qualify for set aside account debit card

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Planning and paying for college begins long before they enter grade 1. Investing in the future begins today with our College Savings Hedge Fund program. Setting up your child's college fund today saves you and your child the headache of student loans.

  • Fixed rates
  • Three fund options
  • No origination fees

With banking facilities in different regions in partnership with our international partners, access to funds is simple. Deposits and withdrawals are also simple.

  • We provide a 2% set aside funds directly from profits.
  • Debit cards are available for easy access to set aside funding.
  • Deposits are easily made to domestic banking facilities.

Retirement Hedge Fund Accounts (RHF): a RFH is a hedge fund account funded by ADFP Loan with monthly contributions made by the client.

Purpose: The RHF allows clients to open an actively traded hedge fund account for the purpose of retirement.

How it works?

  • Loan: You determine the loan amount base on your future retirement needs.
  • Term: The term can be up to 30 years
  • Contribution: Your monthly contribution depends on your loan amount and term.

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