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The strategy of our funds vary as we work to produce aggressive results while protecting the interest of our clients.

Hedging strategies depending on market conditions, the Company's portfolio may at times be hedged through use of derivative instruments. Portfolio Composition: The Investment Manager will apply no arbitrary criteria with respect to the size, sector or class of the investment in which it will invest. To the extent that significant mispricing between fundamental values and market prices may from time to time be greater in small to medium sized companies (i.e., in "secondary stocks"), or in troubled or "distressed" companies, the Company's portfolio may at times be invested primarily in the securities of such companies. At other times the Company's portfolio may be concentrated in "large capitalization" stocks (i.e., securities of large companies with significant institutional sponsorship).

NYSO Investment Holdings' funds are all aggressive funds. Each portfolio entry is designed to produce aggressive results for our members. To ensure security of our client funds we utilize derivatives as insurance so that we may invest aggressively without the worry of incurring losses.