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The founding group of NYSO Investment Holding, LLC. includes active manager and non-active founders.

As a part of NYSO Investments, our founders work to provide hedge fund services with an aspect that that works to help humanity and the underprivileged.

Founding Group:

Issac Rothschild  is Founder of Issac Capital Group LLC.  Mr. Rothschild Issac Capital Group specializes in Global Currency & Trading Markets ( Active Manager)

Dennis Dimes is President & CEO of Dimes Resource Partners, LLC. Dimes Resource Partners specializes in natural resources in various marker arenas.(Active Manager & Founder)

Obawtaye Folayan is the President & CEO of Folayan Financial Holdings, LLC. Folayan Financial specializes in developing market private education investing. (Non-Active Manager Founder)

David Goldberg is the Senior Manager of NYSO Investments Holdings, Inc. Mr. Goldberg manages the NYC offices and client relations. (Active Manager & Founder)